Tuesday, September 28, 2010

System Mechanic {review} from iolo

Several weeks ago I received a copy of the software System Mechanic, an all in one 'fixer-upper' for your PC from iolo. System Mechanic is designed to fix errors, boost windows and internet speed, restore system stability, clean out clutter and junk files, plug security holes, and ultimately extend the life of your PC.

'System Mechanic : A revolutionary new approach to complete PC care.'

 Although my laptop is not very old it had already become quite 'sluggish', it took forever to start up, and even working within Windows became quite a chore. So naturally I was thrilled to bits when the opportunity to review System Mechanic came my way. I am very impressed with System Mechanic's easy to use interface and the fact that it has made my computer usable again! My laptop starts faster, runs much more smoothly, and I have encountered fewer broken files within my system. System Mechanic has done a wonderful job revitalizing my computer, and it has been super easy to use. All of the preprogrammed options are convenient to use with most requiring just one click of a button, and each option has a short but clear description of what action will be performed. Besides the Quick Scan, System Mechanic also has a fantastic array of Automated Tasks, which can be enabled or disabled anytime and in any combination you want! There are also 'one click' options for enhancing your PC's performance in the Toolbox section, these include PC Cleanup, PC Repair, PC and PC Accelerator. I love how the various Automated Tasks are performed when you aren't using the computer, so your work is never interrupted with annoying little pop-ups or slowed due to scans, which I have personally found such a pain when using similar software. All in all I was quite blown away with how well System Mechanic lives up to its 'claims', and unlike some other software I've tried, it actually helps more than hinder!!! I highly recommend System Mechanic to anyone with a computer, especially for those who have children using the computer for homework purposes or those who just want to be able to use their computer without having to take a five minute power nap in between mouse clicks! 

$49.95/year ~ includes major and minor upgrades and technical support. 
There are also automated renewals and two to three year plans at discounted prices!

Thanks to ioloTechnologies I was able to review a complimentary copy of System Mechanic for free, however, all opinions expressed in this review are my own. I was not paid to publish this post.



Diane said...

I wish they had that for macs!

wacki04 said...

No my mother needs something like this! She is the last person on earth to take care of her computer, lol! Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

That is really neat. I will have to check it out - my laptop is ok, but my pc is a MONSTER!!! Thanks for the heads up!

Mom vs. the boys said...

I'm sooo non techy it's sad! thanks for the overview

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