Sunday, December 19, 2010

|Christmas in November| Hand Soap {review} from Wembe

Who to buy for :
- Co-workers
- Friends

Who has you covered :

Hand soap makes a great gift for a variety of occasions and is especially fun to use as a stocking stuffer during the holiday season. I love to give soap almost as much as I love to receive soap, it can be quite an adventure 'sniffing-out' the perfect bar of soap to suit your recipients personality! However, last week I was the recipient of two bars of hand soap that had been sent to me by Wembe, a company that believes in nothing less than 100% natural and organic skin care. I received one bar of Snow and one bar of Chocolate, and they have both been super gentle yet very cleansing for my ridiculously sensitive skin. Snow is the more feminine of the two bars, inspired by traditional indigenous medicine, Snow is made with mint, eucalyptus and essential oils from refreshing plants. Chocolate is the more 'manly' of the two, from the heart of the forest, Chocolate invokes the wildest side of your soul. Dark and exotic, the jungle's aphrodisiac promotes healthy skin and deep stimulation of the senses. For the chocolate soap, I would recommend a soap dish as it did leave a slight brown residue on my counter top (which was easily removed with water). 

Here's a little bit more about Wembe :

Our mission is to satiate the human thirst for nature; infusing our products with the purest ingredients from natural sources, certified organic when possible, using our knowledge of the power of the rainforest plants and fruits and the magic of aromatherapy, respecting our environment. Helping our community and always respect other beings.

$7.90 USD

$7.35 USD

Where to buy :
You can purchase a variety of natural soaps for the face and body online from Wembe - Amazonian Soul.



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