Monday, October 18, 2010

Hershey's Chocolate {review}

Good afternoon all. There are just two more weeks to go until Halloween and kids are starting to get excited as costume ideas come together and the prospect of their 'candy loot' is (feverishly ?) talked about! Perhaps you are getting ready to fill your own candy bowl for trick-or-treaters to dig into, or maybe you're in charge refreshments for that Halloween party? Then you should checkout the amazing selection (of very yummy!) Hershey's Halloween Chocolates. Every Halloween the Hershey's chocolates we know and love, don costumes of their own for some extra festive goodness. And I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to review an assortment of Hershey's Halloween Chocolates to review.
Hershey's has always been a favorite at our house, and their Halloween Chocolate has been no exception! We were thrilled to receive a package from Hershey's last week containing several bags of assorted goodies, which included such favorites as Reese's Pieces, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, Milk Duds, and Whoppers Originals. What else is there to say except, YUM! My youngest sister has been enjoying the Twizzlers as a special treat in her school lunch and loves them. Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers are great to have on hand at a party or in your candy bowl for those who may be allergic to nuts or lactose intolerant, or for that friend who doesn't like chocolate (!!!). I think the Reese's Pieces stole the show at our house! They came in a variety pack of 50, which included the original Peanut Butter Cups as well as Reese's Pieces, and new to me Reese's Fast Break. I am a huge fan of anything to do with peanut butter and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Reese's; however, I must say my new favorite is the Reese's Fast Break, these mini bars are slightly heartier than the original Peanut Butter Cup and are perfect for a quick 2-bite (or 1-bite if you're really hungry!) snack. 

We also received a bag of assorted hard candies and chocolates including Milk Duds and Whopper's Originals. I really enjoyed the individually wrapped orange and grape Jolly Ranchers, these are perfect for keeping in that 'secret drawer' of your desk for a little treat after a hard day blogging!!! The caramel filled Milk Duds were also a big hit at our house, my mum and I like to grab a mini box each when we're sitting down to watch a movie. The caramel makes these chocolates last a little longer than those oh-too-easy-to-eat Whoppers Originals, these chocolate covered wafer balls are very addicting and very good! The Whoppers Originals come in little wrappers of 3 and I must admit to eating one or two of these mini packages at a time. Last but not least we were delighted to find a bag of Halloween KitKat Bars included in our box. These mini KitKats are individually wrapped and have the added bonus of being ... orange! How fun is that. And we loved every bite!

Hershey's is our go to for any kind of assorted and individual chocolates, they taste great and they're festive Halloween Chocolates will definitely delight both young and old this October 31st! 

Don't forget to check out Celebrate with Hershey's for more info on their chocolate as well as recipes, costume and craft ideas, and tons of other fun stuff!

I was provided with a variety of edible items from Hershey's Chocolate free of charge in order to facilitate my review; however, the opinions in this post are my own. I was not paid for this review.



Katie said...

Yummy! I love Hersheys! said...

This is the time of year I wish I wasn't allergic to chocolate... my kids appreciate that I don't raid their stash though :)

I do love Jolly ranchers though :)

Everyday Rambling's said...

Oh, this review made my sweet tooth wake up! I love Hershey's.

LJD said...

There's something so basic and perfect about returning home after a loooooong night of trick or treating to find a boatload of Hershey's products in the kid's bags. Nothng else is quite as exciting!

Just Married with Coupons said...

What a fun review!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!

The orange Kit Kat's must be so cool!


Amber Y said...

Can I say how utterly jealous I am? I've never seen orange kit kats, but I'm definitely going to be keeping my eyes peeled now. I adore Hershey. No more trick or treating for me and not even any kids of my own to sneak candy from (yet!) so I often treat myself to a box (or three) of their yummy chocolate treats!

Blissful Reviews said...

AHH! All the candy makes me want to give into my craving of wanting to buy some for my office. LOL

Diane said...

I saw the orange kit kats in the store last night! I didn't get them though, for some reason all the chocolate candy seems SO expensive this year! I really love chocolate though, and love when we don't get a lot of trick or treaters so i can eat all the leftover candy!

twifanheather said...

Awesome review! I love Hershey's!

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