The Candid Reviewer is a new blog that's just jumped right into the field of Product Review. It is run by a young and enthusiastic lady residing on the west coast of Canada. The Candid Reviewer would love to offer down to earth reviews on a variety of products/services, with a focus on products that promote green living and sustainability as well as the lovingly handmade. It is my goal to provide honest and thoughtful reviews for a broad range of items to a broad range of folk.
Currently I am located on an island off the west coast of Canada where brand names and new things take a while to filter through to us wee people. This way of things has definitely had a hand in fuelling my eagerness to try new things, couple that with an opinionated personality voila product reviewer! Well not quite like that, but you get my drift.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find my blog helpful in choosing products for yourself and your family.
Concerns, Questions or Comments? You can contact me anytime via thecandidreviewer@gmail.com

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