Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daily Etsy Find ---> Cooties from I Got Cooties

Ewww Cooties


Gambler Cootie (The lady luck of cooties)
If you're wondering what in the world a cootie is then you need to check out  

Here's what to do with a Cootie


- Sit em' on your desk and have co-workers oowww and ahhhh over your new "pet".

- Cooties cause ya to smile which increase endorphins...creating happier people equals less stress...that not working? No? Okay then, toss it over the cube wall, that ought to get some giggles.

- Gift a cootie to your co-worker who just got back to the office from being sick.

- Ward off the cleaning people and arm your candy dish cooties.

- Hide a cootie in your fridge or silverware drawer

- Take one along to your next house party....leave him behind in a cupboard or better yet the medicine cabinet (hmm maybe that is an invasion of privacy?-LOL). See how long it takes the homeowners to find him and once they do the fun of finding out who left him there begins....

- Put em' in your car...they love to travel.


- Stocking stuffer
- Lunch box buddies
- Present topper
- Hide em' under a pillow, or in a sock drawer
- Toss em' at your friends
- Start a cootie colony!"

(Quoted from their Etsy Shop)



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