Monday, April 19, 2010

Starting my EvoraPlus {review} tomorrow!

I recently joined a fabulous network for review bloggers called The Product Review Place, where I happened upon a post by SSA Public Relations Rep. Cara. Who was looking for some bloggers to review a product called EvoraPlus. EvoraPlus is a "100% natural all-in-one probiotic mint that gently whitens teeth and alleviates bad breath while supporting gum and tooth health."(taken from their Press Release) Having worn braces in my early teens and suffered from bad breath since childhood my oral health has always been a bit of an embarassing issue. Couple that with stained teeth and you've got a rather large hole in the self esteem bubble. That's why I was truly ecstatic to be given a chance to review EvoraPlus and put this new product, which arrived in the mail this afternoon, to the test! I am starting my review of this product tomorrow and will be posting the results in 30 days time. I will also be comparing before and after pictures to gauge how well EvoraPlus whitens teeth, so here is the (very embarrassing) before picture;

Icky corn cob teeth!

For the next 30 days I will be taking 2 of these little mints daily after brushing my teeth, so check back next month for the results. 



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