Friday, September 24, 2010

Interior Decorating Tips for Fall {guest post} from Tazim

October's Canadian Thanksgiving holiday signals to me that it is time to transition my home's decor. Transforming one's space seasonally can easily be done if you change or add the right elements.

Staying inside more often than one might during summer is a reality when the temperature starts to drop. To make staying inside feel comforting and cozy, there are a few changes you can make.

A soft rug under foot can do much to physically and psychologically warm up a space. As it is becoming more common to replace wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood or other hard flooring alternatives, rugs become increasingly more important additions in cooler climates. If you have the room for storage, a seasonal rug, rolled out when your family and friends come over for Thanksgiving, for instance, can be an easy fix. Even an inexpensive rag-rug in seasonal colours will make a difference.

To further make your guests feel welcome, add other soft elements, such as throws for sofas/chairs, and throw cushions. Try using seasonal colours - reds, oranges, and browns.

Small decorative elements can also be changed seasonally. These small 4x4 paintings can be seasonally swapped out, and they cost very little. Some free alternatives would be things that you can find outside or at your local grocery store/farmers market - gourds, pumpkins, pine cones and twigs make excellent additions to end tables, mantels, and table-tops for Thanksgiving and throughout the season. The best thing about decorating with these materials is that they don't take up any storage space at the end of the season!

Bio: Tazim writes the blog Being Tazim, about pursuing creative personas, from her Vancouver,BC home. When she is not blogging, she is working on her online stores studioahimsa and Two Bears One Heart. Tazim is an interior decorator and art historian who creates linocut stationery and gemstone jewelry.



Being Tazim said...

Thanks so much for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Those are great ideas - since I prefer to decorate seasonally and subtly rather than Ho, Ho, Ho kind of Merry Christmas or Boo! Kind of Halloween stuff!

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