Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iolo Update {Clean Out Your Computer Day}

Some of you may remember my iolo System Mechanic review, here. And I am happy to report that my computer is still running smoothly and efficiently thanks to System Mechanic's easy to use interface that helps me stay on top of broken files and any clutter slowing down my computer.
But did you know that February 14th was Clean Out Your Computer Day !
(Which I was unable to spread the word about due to a wind storm that has left us with several power outages over the weekend and into this week!)
However; you can still take advantage of iolo's 10 Clean Out Tips !
After you've been staggered by thesw Clean Out Your Computer Statistics, which included the following facts and figures :

"The average American adult has 1,800 digital files, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, making searching them quite a task."

"Consumers spend an average of 13 minutes a day just waiting for their computer to catch up, adding up to three days of waiting and lost productivity per year."

"Canada produces 200,000 tones of e-waste a year. Globally, e-waste exceeds 50 million tones."

I was definitely very frustrated with how slow my computer was before I installed System Mechanic, now I can find what I'm looking for without searching through a gazillion broken files and I hardly experience any lag when loading pages. Check out the 10 Clean Out Tips for some great advice on how you can take advantage of System Mechanic's array of tune-up options! 



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